Postdoc positions

Postdoc positions are available immediately until filled. The position will focus on developing and applying molecular simulations and modeling to work on exciting research projects related to drug-protein binding. Various molecular modeling techniques may be applied, including a range of accelerated molecular dynamics, umbrella sampling techniques, free energy calculations developed in the lab and elsewhere, to study non-covalent ligand-protein binding kinetics and thermodynamics. The projects will closely collaborate with experimentalists. An ideal candidate would have substantial background in molecular modeling, ideally including molecular dynamics simulations and umbrella sampling techniques, and/or Monte Carlo, docking and informatics-based methods. Experience with ligand-protein binding affinities calculations is also a plus. Interested applicants should send a CV and cover letter to For more information, please contact the PI. The exact start date is negotiable.

Graduate students

Our group is recruiting graduate students. Chemistry department does not require lab rotation. However, if you are from GGB or other department, you are very welcomed to do a rotation in our group.

Prospective graduate students should apply to a graduate program at UCR and are encouraged to apply to the graduate program in the chemistry department. Feel free to contact with me if you have any questions.

Undergraduate student researcher

Our group has trained a number of outstanding undergraduate students. Students who are interested in carrying out undergraduate research may want to watch this video first for introduction of undergraduate research and computational chemistry.

Video from Prof. Northrup for undergraduate research

Our group is not working on the same proteins as presented by Prof. Northrup; however, both groups are interested in studying protein dynamics. Our group shares the same “student attributes for my line of research” near the end of 10 minute in the presentation.