Aug 2018

  • We welcome Dr. Hari Pandey and Dr. Si-han Chen joined our group as post-doctoral researchers!

June 2018

  • We welcome Julius Daniels and Stacy Long joined our group for summer research!

April 2018

  • We welcome undergraduate students David Doan & Kirsten Gin joined our group!

September 2017

  • We welcome Dr. Xiaodong Ren joined our group as a visiting scholar!
  • We welcome a graduate student in Chemistry Department Kingsley Wu joined our group!

August 2017

  • We welcome Jianan Sun joined our group, a graduate student from Environmental Toxicology Program!

July 2017

  • Wanli You successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations Dr. You!
  • We welcome undergraduate students Kevin Maltz and Tony Ebraham joined our lab!

March 2017

  • Congratulations to Maanasi Kademani for winning a gold medal in her category at the Riverside County Science Fair! Maanasi independently developed her project after attending our UCR Computational Chemistry/Biology Summer Workshop, working in collaboration with Dr. Christopher C. Roberts. Maanasi also won the Community Award from the BioMoDel lab at UCR! Way to go, Maanasi!

August 2016

  • "Molecular flexibility Shown to Help Pharmaceutical Drugs Bind to Their Targets" PLOS Computational Biology selected our paper to press release! The news has appeared in several media focusing on science and medicine, and more will appear. See some popular links that report science and medicine news:
  • Our group held a computational chemistry/biology summer workshop for UCR undergraduates and local community college students.
  • We welcome Tim Cholko joined our group!

June 2016

  • Jennifer Madrigal received the SECOND PLACE AWARD for EXCELLENCE in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Section of the General Student Paper Competition for Graduate and Advanced Undergraduate Students for her poster presentation. Jennifer presented her work at the Centennial Meeting of the Pacific Division of AAAS in San Diego. Congratulations!!

May 2016

  • Zhiye Tang successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Tang!

April 2016

  • Our paper collaborated with the Wheeldon group, "Mechanisms of enhanced catalysis in enzyme-DNA nanostructures revealed through molecular simulations and experimental analysi" will get spotlighted by ChemBioChem as a "Very Important Paper". Thank Ian, Chris, and co-authors for all the efforts!
  • We welcome Viktoriia Liu joined our group as a part time research assistant!

September 2015

  • We welcome Yuliana Bosken joined our group, a graduate student from the biochemistry department!

June 2015

  • Steven Ahrendt successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Ahrendt!

March 2015

  • Our group has been helping local high school students to explore molecular modeling. Mark Raymundo is seen on InsideUCR about coaching students at the Riverside STEM Academy to do protein modeling.

December 2014

  • Chris Roberts successfully defended his dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Roberts!
  • We welcome Jennifer Clark to our group. Jennifer has been selected to participate in the HSI STEM Pathway Undergraduate Research Program.

October 2014

  • An NIH–R01 award entitled "Computational and theoretical characterization of ligand-protein binding mechanisms" is funded to our group for which Prof. Chang is the PI.
  • A warm welcome to Xuqing Liu, a graduate student in chemistry joined our group.

August 2014

  • Christopher Roberts received the ACS CCG Research Excellence award! He will present a poster presentation in the Fall National ACS meeting at San Francisco. Congratulations!!
  • Prof. Chia-en Chang organized a protein kinase symposium in the Fall ACS national meeting.
  • Our group organized a computer chemistry workshop for local college students. We welcome attendants from Riverside Community College, Cal State SB, and UCR.

July 2014

  • We welcome Mark Raymundo joined our group!

June 2014

  • Prof. Chia-en Chang organized two symposiums in the AAAS Pacific Division meetings: Accelerating Chemical and Biomedical Discovery with Molecular Simulation and Computer-Aided Drug Discovery and Development. We welcome invited speakers and all attendants to visit our campus!
  • Alejandro Cobian received the admission of the master program from the Department of Education. Alex will stay in our group to continue his projects and establish his teaching portfolio for scientific research for high school students. Congratulations!

May 2014

  • Mindy Huang received an award from Dr. Janet M. Boyce Memorial Endowed Fund. Congratulations!!
  • Mindy Huang successfully defended her dissertation. Congratulations Dr. Huang!

November 2013

  • Prof. Chia-en Chang received the NSF CAREER Award. Congratulations!!
  • We welcome an undergraduate student in chemistry Ayymen Amaar joined our group!

September 2013

  • Christopher Roberts received Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) fellowship.
  • Mindy Huang won the NVIDIA GPU Poster Award Competition in the Fall 2013 ACS national meeting. She was awarded a $3000 dollars NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU.


June 2013

  • Christopher Roberts received the outstanding TA award. Congratulations!!
  • A warm welcome to Alejandro Cobian joined our group as an undergraduate researcher.

May 2013

  • Mindy Huang received the James Merrill and Adeline Wallace Annual Prize. Congratulations!

April 2013

  • Our work about multi-scale simulations for drug design has been highlighted in San Diego Super Computer (SDSC) Annual Report 2012.
  • Mindy Huang received the Dissertation Year Program Award. Congratulations!

March 2013

  • Mindy Huang received the Dissertation Research Grant that supports hardware for her computational work. Congratulations!

December 2012

  • A warm welcome to Sean Jayasekera joined our group as an undergraduate researcher.

September 2012

  • A warm welcome to Wanli You, a graduate student in chemistry joined our group.

August 2012

  • Rizi Ai successfully defended her dissertation; Congratulations Dr. Ai!

July 2012

  • A warm welcome to high school student Apoorva Panse (King High School).

May 2012

  • Prof. Chia-en Chang received the Faculty Development Award and Omnibus Travel Award.
  • Mindy Huang received 2012 Early C. Anthony Graduate Travel Award to support her poster presentation in the Fall ACS meeting; Congratulations!

September 2011

  • We welcome a graduate student in chemistry Zhiye Tang joined our group!
  • An NIH –R01 entitled “Chemically-rich structure and dynamics in the active site of tryptophan synthase“ is funded for which Prof. Chang is a co-investigator. Thank you PI Prof. Len Murller and co-I Profs. Mike Dunn, Li Fang, and Mike Marsella for the great collaboration!

April 2011

  • Rizi Ai received 2011-12 Dissertation Year Program Fellowship; Congratulations!
  • We welcome Steven Ahrendt! He is co-advised by Profs Stajich and Chang.

February 2011

  • We welcome Dr. Sepideh Yaghmaei to our group

September 2010

  • Rizi Ai received a Scholarship Award for “Best Presentation at the Graduate Student Symposium” held by the graduate program in Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics, UC Riverside. Well done! Congratulations!

August 2010

  • Christopher Roberts received NBCR summer institute scholarship; congratulations!

April 2010

  • We welcome Christopher Roberts to our group

October 2009

  • We welcome Mindy Huang to our group.

September 2009

  • Dr. Myungshim Kang joined our group. Welcome!
  • Kevin Kim joined our group as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!

June 2009

  • Prof. Chia-en Chang receives NSF award to support our work in modeling molecular associations
  • Prof. Chia-en Chang receives HP outstanding junior faculty award
  • Rizi Ai receives the Janet M. Boyce Memorial award
  • Wai Thant receives the CNAS Dean`s fellowship

March 2009

  • Prof. Chia-en Chang receives the Robert T. Poe Faculty development award